Hart Parr Model 30 Type G 18-36 1926
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Hart Parr Model 30 Type G 18-36 1926

While the Hart Parr name is not familiar today, the Hart Parr Company were leaders in introducing tractors powered by internal combustion engines.  Their first tractors were produced in 1901 and they were credited with having coined the term "tractor".  Perhaps one of the most useful innovations introduced by Hart Parr was the engine driven power take-off.

The Hart Parr Model 30 Type G 18-36 was introduced in 1926 and remained in production until 1930 when the Hart Parr Company merged with the Oliver Chilled Plow Company and several other smaller companies to form the Oliver Farm Equipment Sales Company.

With only two forward and one reverse gear together with a maximum engine speed of about 800 rpm driving the Model 30 was a very different experience compared with today's tractors.

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