Standard Atlas Pickup
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Standard Atlas Pickup
The Standard Atlas van was a competitor to BMC's J2 and J4 vans in the 1950s and 1960s. Similar in style to the J2, it was initially available in 10cwt and 12cwt payloads, powered by Standard's 1630cc petrol engine. These models were later joined by 15cwt and 20cwt versions, which used either a 2138cc petrol or 2260cc diesel engine. There was also a Standard Twenty pick-up derivative.

When Standard-Triumph was bought by Leyland in 1961, little time was wasted in relaunching these models as the Leyland 15 and 20, in which form they competed with the Morris (and Austin) J2. When Leyland was merged with BMH in 1968, these vans were found to be surplus to requirements. All was not lost, however: the tooling was transferred to Standard Motor Products in India, where production continued throughout the 1970s.
Standard Atlas/Twenty 1958-1962  Renamed Leyland 15/20 1962-1968.

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